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Welcome to Meadows Dental Clinic

Meadows Dental Clinic is a private practice, providing both General Dentistry and Specialist Referral Services.

Our aim is to provide exceptional dental care in a friendly and comfortable environment. We provide a full range of preventative and cosmetic dental treatment, including, Tooth Whitening, Dental Implants, and Full Mouth Rehabilitation.

We currently accept referrals for Dental Implants, Periodontal Treatment, Endodontic Treatment and Paedodontic Treatment.

All the Dentists here are actively involved in teaching at the Edinburgh Dental Institute, and we use state of the art equipment and the latest scientific research in order to remain at the cutting edge of modern dentistry. Our experienced team will ensure that you receive a warm welcome, and that you are satisfied with all aspects of your Dental Care.

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Our Treatments

Whether you simply want to keep your mouth healthy, restore a broken smile or completely replace your teeth, the reality is that something can be done for you – often more quickly, comfortably and affordably than you might have imagined.

Our team will do all they can to help you feel relaxed and comfortable when you visit and nervous patients will be well-looked after and listened too. We invest significantly in the development of our staff ensuring they can provide patients with the most cutting edge techniques and care.

What is

Endodontics is better known as Root Canal Treatment. Root Canal Treatment is necessary when the nerve of a tooth becomes irreversibly damaged, and has to be removed.

This can happen due to decay, trauma, or under a large restoration. Root Canal Treatment has a generally high success rate and if a tooth is appropriately restored after treatment a functional tooth can be kept for many years.

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What is

A Prosthodontist undertakes the process of rebuilding or replacement of missing teeth. They are trained to deal with the aesthetic and functional challenges that replacement of teeth present.

A Specialist Prosthodontist can be required for more complex restorative cases. For example, those involving severe tooth wear, replacing multiple missing teeth, or in aesthetically demanding cases. A specialist prosthodontist will be able to plan and execute very complex cases in a structured and predictable manner.

Examples of fixed options involve the use of white fillings, crowns, onlays, veneers and bridgework that can be placed on teeth or dental implants. Removable options involve partial or full dentures that can also utilize dental implants to enhance their retention and support (if required).

As expected with all types of prosthetic work, Prosthodontists also address and deal with complications that can happen.

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What is

Periodontal disease affects the gums, bone and other supporting tissues of the teeth. Although most individuals suffer gum inflammation from time to time, around 10% of the population appear to suffer from the more severe forms of the disease which cause loss of supporting bone. This group appears to be at greatest risk of losing teeth through periodontal disease. It is caused by the bacteria which regularly collect on the teeth.

How do I know if I have Periodontal Disease?

The signs and symptoms of periodontal disease vary significantly but may include gums that bleed when brushing, together with signs of more advanced disease such as movement or drifting of the teeth. However, it is possible to have the disease and not be aware of these signs. It is essential to see your dentist regularly so that special assessment techniques, sometimes including x-rays, can be carried out as part of your routine dental examinations.

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